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Insomniac Details Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Big Upcoming Update With New Game Plus, New Suits And More

At the beginning of the month, Insomniac finally updated players to tell them that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s first major update since launch with new game plus, new skins and more is coming on March 7, 2024.

That’s about all the information we got at the time, though now we have a whole lot more, as Insomniac dug into the details of what’s to come in this update on a PlayStation Blog post.

Now we’ve gotten a look at some of the new suits coming, more details on accessibility features, new game plus, and a bit of a surprise, with news of a collaboration with the organization Gameheads.

As far as new game plus is concerned, this means a new difficulty level, and new ultimate levels, golden gadget styles and of course, new suits to unlock.

In terms of the accessibility options Insomniac promised, we got a video of what a cutscene with Kraven The Hunter looks like with proper audio descriptions, which you can check out here.

For those unaware, Gameheads is an organization that helps low-income youth and youth of colour get into the games industry, teaching them the essential skills they need to help make the games we all love to play.

After three Gameheads students got the chance to work on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and impressed Insomniac, the team decided to give Gameheads artists a chance at designing suits for Miles and Peter.

What resulted was the Fly N’ Fresh Suit Pack, a pack of two suits (one each for Miles and Peter) plus photo mode stickers and two photo mode frames. As part of this collaboration, this pack will be available to purchase at first for $4.99 USD.

This isn’t a big change Insomniac is making where they are beginning to charge for suits, this price will only exist for a limited time, and is an effort to raise money for Gameheads to keep doing the amazing work it is currently doing.

It’s a donation, instead of a new change in strategy that involves microtransactions in single-player Spider-Man games. The price also won’t be there forever, as Insomniac confirms in the post that the content from the pack will be made available for free “at a later date.”

You can check out this video published alongside the PlayStation Blog post where Insomniac founder and president Ted Price dives into the collaboration and why it was important for Insomniac to include.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]