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Insomniac Releases Statement On Layoffs, Saying “There Are No Sufficient Words To Express Our Feelings”

Yesterday, Sony announced it would be laying off 900 developers across multiple teams and studios around the globe, including at key studios like Naughty Dog, Guerilla Games and Insomniac.

The Spider-Man studio released the fastest selling PlayStation game ever in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 just last October, yet still they were impacted by this cut. They’re also the first studio to release an official statement on the layoffs.

Insomniac’s statement stresses the weight of the blow that was yesterday’s layoffs, and the gap those employees have left in their being let go.

“Like several other teams across SIE and PlayStation Studios, Insomniac Games was impacted by yesterday’s layoffs. There are no sufficient words to express our feelings about it.

This is a solemn and unprecedented moment for our studio. We are focusing our energy on helping everyone affected through this challenging time. For those who are hiring, there are great people seeking new roles who made important contributions to Insomniac’s history.

We’re extremely grateful for them and they will be missed.”

Source – [Insomniac Games]