Insomniac’s Ted Price apologizes as Fuse debut trailer hits legal roadblock

In an interesting turn of events, the debut trailer for Fuse – the game formerly known as Overstrike – will not be debuting at 6 AM Pacific Daylight Time today as planned.

In a letter of apology posted on the official Fuse website, Insomniac Games’ founder and CEO Ted Price explains that a "last-minute legal-rights" issue has prevented the trailer from appearing at the end of the site’s countdown as planned. EA is apparently working hard to secure the necessary documentation, but in the interim, we won’t be seeing this debut footage of Fuse.

That doesn’t mean we’ll be left completely cold, however. Price explains that screenshots and information will be posted on the official site as planned at 6 AM PT. In addition, major press outlets will be providing previews and hands-on impressions of the game. The first gameplay footage of Fuse will appear on GTTV with Geoff Keighley, September 13 at 10 PM PT.

Price finishes his letter by thanking gamers for their understanding. Considering the incredible pedigree of Insomniac, we’re more than willing to let this one slide.