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Interview With FromSoftware’s Yasuhiro Kitao Reveals Plenty Of Elden Ring Details

Elden Ring is really coming in January of 2022, something that already seems wild to believe after the deafening silence FromSoftware fans faced for so long, but now the studio is really talking about the game, and Yasuhiro Kitao just revealed a bevy of details regarding FromSoftware’s next epic.

Website UnGeek got to interview Kitao, and asked him directly about multiple known mechanics and tropes players have come to expect in Souls games, and how Elden Ring will differ in its implementation of them.

Stamina for example will work similarly to how it does in Dark Souls III according to Kitao, but while you’re exploring the vast overworld in Elden Ring you can sprint indefinitely, it’s only during combat you have to be careful. Kitao also confirmed that combat will be more akin to Dark Souls III, as FromSoftware continues to find that perfect balance between speed and aggression versus a more deliberate speed.

Kitao also shared plenty of details regarding the map in Elden Ring, a first for FromSoftware games as none of them have previously had a map players could look at, though the size of Elden Ring makes it a necessity. It’ll be revealed to players gradually, as you play through more of the game, though when you find a dungeon or important landmark, even if the rest of that area hasn’t been revealed, that landmark will still be marked on your map.

Also, you can fast travel to any previously visited area, which will greatly help cut down on time spent running through previously explored areas. Kitao stressed that they wanted to provide a stress-free experience for players as much as possible, and that they want to make it so each player will be able to explore everything that Elden Ring has to offer.

For example, character quests will still in some cases be difficult to find and complete, but not always, as Kitao even admits that FromSoftware feels they may have gone overboard in previous titles, specifically Bloodborne when it comes to hiding aspects of the game’s narrative like that.

Kitao was also asked about FromSoftware’s entire approach to open world gameplay, and they seem to have a strong focus of making it their own while also not making the same mistakes many other developers make. Kitao said they’re aiming for the world to be very dense, and not just a wide empty space, while also giving it plenty of verticality and layers so you never feel like you’re on one plain.

One interesting aspect that will most likely alter player strategies is that if you find yourself low on health with no healing items, finding and taking out small groups of enemies could be your ticket back to being in tip-top shape as you’ll be given a health boost for your efforts.

Kitao also said they want the experience of exploring the world of Elden Ring to be full of surprises. Knowing FromSoftware, that’s one promise they’ll make good on.

Source – [UnGeek]