IO working on new Kane & Lynch game?

Danish developer IO is on the hunt for fresh blood to aid in the development of a project which sounds suspiciously like a new Kane & Lynch title.

The studio has said it’s looking for a senior multiplayer programmer to set “the foundation for a yet unannounced 3rd person game with strong cooperative multiplayer elements.”

In addition, the firm has also posted a job listing for programmers to help with “an unannounced AAA action game.”

Of course, we already know IO is busy beavering away on the new Hitman game, so a new Kane & Lynch title wouldn’t be out of the question.

Nonetheless, the last entry, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, wasn’t exactly the critical darling it could have been, receiving quite a thrashing from critics upon its release in 2010. It did, however, manage to flog over one million copies worldwide.

Stay tuned.

via VG247