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Is Fallout 3 On PS4?

Is Fallout 3 on PS4? With the rise and success of Amazon’s brand new Fallout tv show, it seems players old and new are looking for any excuse to get back into Bethesda’s nuclear apocalypse.

Plenty have been drawn to Fallout 76 or the last numbered entry into the series with Fallout 4. But some players have wanted to dig beyond that, and go back to the PS3 generation.

That’s where we got Fallout 3, and that’s the game that a lot of players are looking for a good version of to play.

It’s why players are asking, is Fallout 3 on PS4? Can you play Fallout 3 on PS4, PS5?

Let’s find out.

Is Fallout 3 On PS4?

Technically, no, it’s not on PS4, or PS5 – but it is playable on PS4 and PS5, if you’re a PlayStation Plus Premium Tier subscriber.

Players who subscribe at the top level PS Plus tier can stream Fallout 3 to their console, though unfortunately there isn’t a native remaster version of the PS3 original to the PS4 for players to jump into.

Perhaps one could be incoming, now that there’s renewed interest in the Fallout franchise. But it’s been so long, it’s not the kind of thing to get your hopes up for.

You’re better off playing Fallout 3 on PC, or realistically, Xbox Series, since those versions benefit from all the work Xbox has done to preserve old Xbox 360/PS3-era titles.