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Is it Time For Video Game Developers To Unionize? – Digital Fiasco LIVE! Episode 55

Programmers and artists have long had to suffer through brutal crunch times, moved milestones, and bonuses tied to Metacritic ratings. If everything goes just right, then if they’re lucky they might also have to deal with layoffs between projects. Tonight we’ll talk about whether or not it is time for the video game industry to unionize. Join us in the chat tonight at 9PM Central Time on Digital Fiasco LIVE, and tell us what you think! Hosts Dandr0id and Jack McBastard will be rounding up all the week’s gaming news and rumors, and provide instant feedback via chat in real time! We’ll answer your questions, we’ll take your comments, and we’ll agree with you that Alpha Protocol is awesome, at least for now.
(We’ll also talk about Xbox, Nintendo and PC gaming. Don’t judge).

Tonight at 9PM Central Time Digital Fiasco LIVE! Episode 55: State of the Union:
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Discs, Downloads And DLC (DDD) Picks
Xbox Games With Gold (February)
Insomniac Leaves Us Holding The Bag
Metro Drops An Epic Bomb On Steam
Speaking Of Bombs, Let’s Talk Fallout 76
Google Ai Beats Two Pros At Starcraft II — Next Stop, Skynet
Fortnite Llamas Transparency
EA Waffles On Belgium Lootbox Strategy
Ubisoft Game Lost In Space
Resident Evil Lives Again… On Tv?
Dragon Ball Z Rpg In Action
Retro Active On Metroid Prime 4
Gamestop Run Over By Circle Of Life
E-Sports Going Against The Grain
Xbox Goes Full Out For E3 2019 While Sony Runs Silent
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