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Is Silent Hill 2 Remake Coming To PS4?

Is Silent Hill 2 Remake Coming To PS4? Originally announced back in October 2022 during the first Silent Hill Transmission, Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 Remake was given a brand new trailer and gameplay walkthrough overnight during two separate events. Crucially, we’ve finally got a release date: October 8, 2024 on PS5! Perhaps inevitably, a lot of folk are asking if Silent Hill 2 Remake is coming to PS4. Let’s find out!

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Is Silent Hill 2 Remake Coming To PS4?

There is no PS4 version of Silent Hill 2 Remake. The game is a console-exclusive to the PS5, with a PC release also planned. At this point, many developers are shifting way from last-generation conversions of upcoming titles, with Silent Hill 2 Remake exclusive to PS5 as a result. The original Silent Hill 2 is available on PS2 and PS3, the latter as part of the HD Collection.

What Is Silent Hill 2 Remake?

Silent Hill 2 Remake is Bloober Team’s complete ground-up overhaul of the 2001 Team Silent-developed psychological horror classic, Silent Hill 2. The graphics, animations, enemies, environments, and puzzles and all been completely redone for this new version of the game, taking full advantage of the new hardware on offer. As with the original, Silent Hill 2 Remake stars James Sunderland, as travels to the eponymous town after receiving a letter from his deceased wife, Mary. This is the game that also introduces the iconic Pyramid Head, who plays a central role in the narrative.