Is Sony Bend’s new PS4 game called Dead Don’t Ride?

According to industry tipster ‘Shinobi602,’ Sony Bend’s as-yet unannounced PlayStation 4 will be known as Dead Don’t Ride.

Writing on Twitter, the insider confirmed that the mystery project is not a racing game despite what the name may imply. We’ve embedded his Tweets below for your viewing pleasure.

That’s not all, however. NeoGAF user ‘get2sammyb’ did a bit of snooping, and found that Sony Interactive Entertainment registered the domain ‘’ back in 2014. The registration was made by Arran Green, who is “responsible for the management, strategy and executive creative direction of the WWS Creative group. Managing multiple locations across California – San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.”

More info corroborating the game’s title was found by user Leona Lewis, who discovered that Dead Don’t Ride was listed on the resume of a stuntwoman known as Jade Quon. The individual had previously worked on a number of high-profile games, such as Resident Evil 5 and Star Wars: The Old Republic. 

Sony Bend’s new game has been the subject of much speculation for a couple of years now, with early reports suggesting it will take the form of an open-world horror game using the Unreal Engine

Regardless, the studio hasn’t shipped a game in the west since Uncharted: Golden Abyss for PlayStation Vita way back in 2012. Following that game’s release, the studio embarked on an ill-fated inFAMOUS title for Sony’s latest handheld. 

Hopefully we’ll hear more on the company’s new game at E3 in June.

via DualShockers