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Is The Cycle: Frontier Coming To PS4, PS5?

Is The Cycle Frontier Coming To PS4 PS5, The Cycle Frontier PS4, The Cycle Frontier PS5, The Cycle FrontierYager Development‘s first-person shooter launched in full for the PC on June 8, 2022, and naturally folk are interested in a possible PS4, PS5 version of the game. Is it happening? Let’s find out!

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Is The Cycle: Frontier Coming To PS4, PS5?

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The Cycle Frontier PS4, PS5 Release – Is It Happening?

The Cycle: Frontier is currently only available for PC, and there hasn’t been any confirmation of a PS4 or PS5 release. However, an FAQ on the Epic Game Store listing reveals “We definitely want to bring the game to consoles in the future.”

Hopefully this means it will eventually arrive on PlayStation and Xbox formats at some point. We’ll be sure to let you know if anything changes.

What Is The Cycle: Frontier?

The Cycle: Frontier is a free-to-play high-stakes PvPvE first-person shooter driven by suspense and danger. Prospect for resources and other riches on an abandoned alien world ravaged by a deadly storm, inhabited by monsters, and frequently raided by other ambitious Prospectors.

You pick the contracts that you want to fulfill on your next drop and the gear that you want to use. Keep in mind though, if you die, you will lose the items that you have taken with you.