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Is The Ori Series Coming To PS5?


Is The Ori Series Coming To PS5? – There are plenty of excellent platformers and Metroidvania titles available to play today, but two that stand out as must-play titles are Ori and The Blind Forest and the sequel, Ori and The Will Of The Wisps.

Both titles feature not just excellent gameplay, but stunning visuals and a heart-wrenching narrative that has connected players deeply with the game’s main characters and world.

But if you’ve only ever had a PlayStation console, then you’ve not been able to play these games as they’ve not been released on PS5 or PS4.

That hasn’t stopped players from asking the question, is the Ori series coming to PS5? Will the Ori games come to PlayStation?

Let’s find out.

Is The Ori Series Coming To PS5?

The short answer is no, both Ori and The Blind Forest and the Will Of The Wisps sequel are published by Xbox Game Studios, which means we won’t see those games come to PlayStation.

The long answer, is however a huge maybe. Not only have both games already been published on Nintendo Switch, recent rumours abound that Xbox Game Studios titles are going to be released on multiple console platforms.

That means potential releases of any Xbox Game Studios-owned IP coming to PS5 and/or PS4. Nothing is set in stone of course, but these rumours, along with precedent for the series being on other consoles, sets things in a more positive light.

Both the Ori games look excellent when pushed to their graphical limits, and it would be amazing to see just how far they could go on PS5, and what DualSense features could be implemented to further enhance the experience.

For now however, with no word from Moon Studios on it, and the fact that the team has moved on to its next project, it doesn’t seem likely.

Nothing is ever set in stone however, when it comes to games being ported to other platforms.