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Is What The Fog Coming To PS5, PS4?

Is What The Fog Coming To PS5, PS4? In a surprise announcement, Dead By Daylight developer Behavior Interactive announced and immediately dropped a new game with What The Fog.

A roguelite action game from Behavior, where players will take on the role of survivors Dwight, Claudette or Feng Min in this two-player co-op game.

It’s immediately available now on PC through Steam, and players can even get a copy of the game for free by signing up for a Behavior Interactive account, if you’re quick enough to be within the first 2 million people.

But is What The Fog coming to PS5? Is What The Fog coming to PS4? That’s what PlayStation players have been wanting to know since the announcement dropped.

Let’s get into it.

Is What The Fog Coming To PS5, PS4?

Unfortunately, per Behavior Interactive’s official website, the answer is no. What The Fog will not be coming to PS5 or PS4, at least for the foreseeable future. “There are no plans for any console ports,” the game’s FAQ reads.

Now, just because there are ‘no plans’ right now, doesn’t mean plans can’t change in the future. But everything about What The Fog seems to suggest it was always meant to just be this small release that didn’t go beyond a PC launch.

Not only does the game look to be a smaller endeavour, Behavior is only charging $4.99 USD for it on Steam, if you miss out on just getting it for free. Even to justify the costs that would go into porting and publishing it on other platforms, What The Fog would need to sell significantly.

Considering that it doesn’t appear like a console release is in the cards. But of course never say never. In the meantime, best try and get it for free while you still can.