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Isonzo Console Patch Notes Confirm A Slew Of Bug Fixes For WWI Shooter

Blackmill Games and M2H have emerged from the trenches with a list of Isonzo console patch notes for you to digest, which comes packing a range of fixes for the World War I shooter. Read up on the latest Isonzo PS5 PS4 patch below.

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We are collecting your feedback regarding balancing and we are planning adjustments. This is a sensitive process, so we want to make sure we have the correct picture of the situation before making big changes.


We have made saving more robust, providing fallback opportunities if anything goes wrong, and saving more often than before. This is to make sure you don’t lose progress when the game closes abruptly.


We made some adjustments to bots in the last patch and this one, and wanted to see how they feel now. Mainly we re-enabled a measure that reduces their lethality, that was also active in Verdun and Tannenberg, so we hope they will feel better balanced again. Let us know what you think!

Recalibrating XP

Our first pass was to make sure that playing the game would stay interesting to fanatic players. However, this caused early-game unlocks to be slower and more difficult to obtain in normal play, than intended. This patch eases the XP curve, especially for early levels, and makes some challenge conditions less of a grind.

Screen shake

We have made call-ins less prominent by reducing screen shake over distance, and adjusting the cooldown times for them.

Also in this patch

  • Fixed Binoculars going through the hand in third person
  • Fixed Officers sometimes holding their weapons wrong after dying while using the whistle
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to spawn because of uniform selection
  • Fixed uniforms randomising on new match start
  • Fixed not being able to fire the Villar Perosa in some scenarios
  • Fixed the Glisenti reload animation
  • Fixed average time per life being displayed wrong in the After Action Menu
  • Improved height positioning for all HMGs across maps to help with player visibility and third person use animations
  • Improved optimization around the Sabotino train objective
  • Increased size for HMG muzzle flashes
  • Improved uniform syncing in squad screen
  • Fixed mechanical overlapping sound at end of match
  • Fixed music sometimes overlapping when sector is changed
  • Fixed wrong music playing in certain situations
  • Fixed squad tags being the wrong colour if a player switches squads
  • Marksman uniforms now use correct gas masks
  • Fixed Austro Hungarian Officer default uniform lighting
  • Fixed snow goggles not showing in customization screen
  • Fixed bandages clipping through the hand in third person
  • Minimap objective icons display objective status
  • Fixed offset muzzle flash for the bodeo
  • Improved Bodeo blackpowder muzzle flash visuals
  • Updated death animations
  • Fixed blood particles being too intense
  • Fixed moustache lighting issues
  • Lowered XP and challenge requirements for progression
  • Nerfed distance at which artillery screen shake affects the player
  • Potential fix for matches abruptly ending when there are still tickets left
  • Fixed gas mask lenses sometimes having odd reflections
  • Rebalanced Officer call-in timings
  • Decreased length of spotted icons above players and static weapons
  • Fixed corpses sometimes blocking vision when using a static weapon
  • Challenge progress reminder is now be shown at every spawn (if desired, the challenge reminder in general can be disabled in UI settings)
  • Improved performance in the Main Menu
  • Potential fix for players getting placed in solo matches instead of a fuller lobby
  • Fixed incorrect map/offensive info showing on the loading screen
  • Improvements to first person weapon sounds
  • Improvements to footsteps sound volume
  • When selecting Advanced custom match options you now get a big red warning
  • Fixed players not swapping to correct weapon in third person
  • Fixed Static weapons breaking if equipping them while aiming down sights
  • Fixed getting stuck in a bleeding state
  • Fixed players sometimes getting stuck in a slow state from bandaging
  • Fix for sometimes not being able to bandage self or others
  • Fixed players sometimes not dying from artillery when they should have
  • Fixes for spawning in objects (ongoing)
  • Bots should no longer vault into the second story of the fort on Cengio
  • Fixed duplicate scoreboard entries for bots
  • Fixed score being displayed for wrong categories in scoreboard
  • Fixed bots always taking same routes to points of interest
  • Fixed bots ignoring getting into combat to swarm the objective instead
  • Bots spread out more during gameplay where possible
  • Fixed defending bots being too focused on one objective if it becomes contested
  • Fixed bots not doing the appropriate amount of damage to players
  • LMGs will no longer auto deploy while the player is moving
  • Fixed missing sound for Lanciarazzi Very
  • Fixed Glisenti and Steyr 1912 clipping through the hand
  • Fixed sometimes being unable to spawn after switching from an Armour perk
  • Fixed corpses sinking into the ground too much
  • Fixed players sometimes being able to join as a third Officer without abilities
  • “Call-in boosting” by shooting two flares is now tracked per Officer, so that one Officer cannot use up the other Officer’s bonus
  • Fixed all players calling out officer call-ins instead of just the Officer
  • Removed unobtainable “Best player” medal
  • Players should no longer lose their match progress if they abruptly quit the game
  • Fixed “Play now” not working correctly in Offline mode
  • Pathing improvements for first sector of Fior
  • Various visual improvements and fixes for maps
  • Various lighting fixes
  • Data saving improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Tutorial video now available
  • Better protection against the save data corruption error (PlayStation)
  • Possible fix for the ‘hang on main menu loading screen’ during startup (Xbox)

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