Jack Thompson fires back on EA’s dismissal

Earlier this morning we reported that EA rejected Jack Thompson’s proposal of merging together to create the ultimate anti-Grand Theft Auto weapon in order to keep the game out of 10-year-olds hands everywhere. In all actuality, Jack Thompson was aiming to collaborate in an attempt to "evict the Zelnick Trojan Horse from within Take-Two’s corporate walls." Afterwards, EA pretty much told him to take his business somewhere else.

Well, Mr. Thompson sent a letter which is addressed to EA CEO John Riccitiello and the board of directors which stated:

"I have not yet received but have seen news reports of your Senior Manager Mariam Sughayer’s communication to me regarding the above.

"Assuming the reports are accurate, since they don’t emanate from the New York Times, please note:

I have in the last few days been contacted by a company with whom Take-Two does business. This company is now my client."

My client informs me that Take-Two has breached a substantial contract with it. It appears based upon what my client tells me that this is how Take-Two does business within the industry. This does not surprise me, as I have seen this same company up-close for a number of years. But it is surely gratifying to get corroboration of my observations, out of the blue, from a corporate entity which has been stiffed by Take-Two and which must take legal action, it seems, to get recompense. How sweet.

If you all at EA want to pursue a purchase of Take-Two without fully knowing what is “out there” in the form of liabilities, posed by my client and others, of your take-over target, you got right ahead. I’m sure EA’s shareholders will be impressed with your lack of “due diligence” exhibited first by your “don’t help us, Mr. Thompson” and now your anticipated “we don’t want to know about contractual liabilities of Take-Two” posture. Maybe the new corporate logo of EA should incorporate an ostrich.

Your corporate approach to due diligence exhibits the type of circle-the-wagons acumen that is leading the video game industry to the federal regulation that ESA’s own leaked poll indicates 65% of Americans want.

Congratulations. Your response, which was anticipated, does not disappoint.

Regards, Jack Thompson"

Please Mr. Thompson, continue to make a fool of yourself because it is particularly entertaining to the gaming community.