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New Jade Empire Trademark Sparks Rumours of a Current Gen Sequel

Jade Empire Trademark

A new Jade Empire trademark application has popped up online, sparking rumours of a current gen sequel to BioWare’s critically-acclaimed action RPG. Or perhaps even a remake/remaster of the 2005 original.

The application was actually submitted a week or two ago with Justia Trademarks, and is framed in the usual legal terms. I.e. “Entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer game; Provision of information relating to electronic computer games provided via the Internet.”

Jade Empire Trademark – Is a Sequel Likely?

Exciting as it would be to see Jade Empire revived for current gen hardware (assuming it didn’t follow the original in releasing exclusively on Xbox and PC), we’re not getting our hopes up just yet.

Back in June 2017, during an interview with The 1099 podcast, BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw revealed that, although a direct sequel had been discussed in the past, the studio was fully invested in the Dragon Age franchise.

Which, we presume, is still the case. What with BioWare currently hard at work on the recently teased Dragon Age 4.

Jade Empire: An Overview

For those who missed it the first time around, Jade Empire is an action RPG set in a fictional far-eastern empire inspired by ancient Chinese myth and folklore. One in which humans live cheek-by-jowl alongside various fantastical creatures and fearsome monsters.

The player, meanwhile, assumes the role of the “Spirit Monk” – a customisable avatar whose task it is to thwart the plans of a disgraced but ambitious warrior, and restore peace to the Jade Empire. Depending, in true BioWare fashion, on the choices the Spirit Monk makes over the course of his/her adventure.

Utilising real-time combat mechanics and a reactive party system, Jade Empire received plenty of praise from gamers and critics alike upon release. Securing it an extremely impressive 89/100 on Metacritic.

Would you be interested in a new Jade Empire game? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Justia Trademarks via GameInformer