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Japan Should Be Proud Of The Term “JRPG” says Hideki Kamiya

In a report and interview by Video Games Chronicle, Hideki Kamiya (Bayonetta, and Devil May Cry fame) weighed in on the term “JRPG” being used in the video game industry. Kamiya feels Japan should be proud of the expression of cultural differences within the subgenre of video games that can be identified to gamers, particularly where the term ‘JRPG’ is used.

One of the most recent instances where this term was used and debated was when Skill Up asked Naoshi Yoshida at a recent Final Fantasy 16 press event if JRPGs evolved in a similar way to how the action game genre has. On this, Yoshida responded,

“When we create games, we don’t go into them thinking we are creating JRPGs. We are just creating RPGs. The term JRPG is used by Western media rather than users and media in Japan”.

He continued to express how the term JRPG was used 15 years ago as a discriminatory term. When Hideki Kamiya was asked by VGC if he agreed with Yoshida’s views, he expressed that there is a difference in how a culture may express creativity. Specifically, Kamiya alluded to the fact that because pieces of media are localized in different countries, the original intent and meaning by the creator could be lost in translation and expression based on the culture of originating localization.

Kamiya went on to elaborate when creating the character of Bayonetta, the team wanted to craft a unique protagonist. He went on to mention how Kratos in God of War, is strong, tasked to defeat large beasts and demons and designed by how action heroes are viewed within American culture. Although Bayonetta is not an analogue to the strength of Kratos, she is unique in the way she was created. Essentially, Kamiya surmised that action game heroes were created based on unique Japanese viewpoints and in turn, expressing their culture for gamers to appreciate.

The full article can be read here along with the full interview courtesy of Video Games Chronicle. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Naoki Yoshida or Hideki Kamiya? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: [VGC]