Japan to receive 80GB treatment?

According to MCV, Enterbrain chief marketing analyst Mitsunobu Uwatoko believes that SCE Japan may follow the footsteps of the U.S. and release an 80GB PlayStation 3 package.

After seeing how the U.S. market reacted to the price cut and the announcement of a new 80GB SKU, Uwatoko suggests that the Japanese industry will be expecting a similar move.

“The $100 price cut with the 20GB upgrade in the US was not really surprising, as there have been rumours, given that the PS3 has been struggling. It’s like the time has come.

"In Japan too, PS3’s HDD will perhaps be much bigger. And nobody thinks that the 60GB or the 20GB will last much longer,” stated Uwatoko.

With how well U.S. consumers are responding to the recent changes in PS3 price and HDD improvements it really is only a matter of time until Sony announces the same offer for Japan.

Stay tuned to PSU for more information.