Japan: Weekly PS Vita sales slump below 10k

PlayStation Vita has hit another road block in Japan, with sales of the new handheld sinking below the 10,000 mark for the first time since release.

Sony’s new portable games console sold just 8,931 units in its latest chart run, though it’s worth noting that the majority of hardware experienced a dip in sales during the same period.

Of course, in regards to PS Vita there’s something of a software lull going on at the moment, so hopefully things will pick up once the next batch of triple-A games hit shelves.

See below for the full numbers.

3DS: 72,115 (Last week: 121,921)
PlayStation 3: 19,370 (23,771)
PSP: 14,804 (18,356)
Vita: 8931 (12,105)
Wii: 7099 (9292)
Xbox 360: 3,764 (1317)
PlayStation 2: 1355 (1374)
DSi XL: 793 (941)
DSi: 743 (771)