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Jim Ryan Confirms Sony’s ‘Aggressive Plans’ For Cloud Gaming Will Be Revealed Soon

The president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed the console maker has ‘aggressive plans’ in store for cloud gaming, and will be ready to share them in the not-too-distant future.

Speaking during the company’s latest business call overnight, Ryan commented:

We observe mobility in gaming habits to be an increasingly important trend, and the cloud will be fundamental to allowing us, or indeed anybody else, to exploit that trend. Unfortunately, today is not the place for me to disclose these plans, but we do have some fairly interesting and quite aggressive plans to accelerate our initiatives in the space of the cloud that will unfold over the course of the coming months.

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One of Sony’s major pushes into Cloud gaming came with PS Now, a streaming service that launched in 2014 allow players to stream a number of titles to the PS4. This service was later assimilated into the PS Plus Extra & PS Plus Premium tiers.

Another area that Sony is looking to really push forward in is live service and multiplayer games, which is heavily facilitated by its acquisition of Destiny developer Bungie. Despite this, the console maker has assured fans that it isn’t moving away from its traditional single-player endeavours.

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