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Junji Ito Is Not Working On A Horror Game With Hideo Kojima After All

Remember when Japanese Junji Ito seemingly revealed he was planning to work with Hideo Kojima on a new horror game? Well, it turns out that wasn’t entirely the case – he’s not actively involved with the Metal Gear creator on any project.

Hideo Kojima Horror Game With Ito-San Not Actually Happening

Speaking in a new update on the topic, Ito-san revealed that Kojima-san’s comments were merely casual remarks at a party, and nothing was set in stone at all.

In a past interview, I said casually that I received an offer from Mr. Kojima, but in reality, it was a remark made at a party where he said, ‘If there is an opportunity, I may ask for your help’. I apologize to Mr. Kojima and all of the fans to whom I may have given false hope.

So there you have it. Kojima and Ito are not actively working on a horror game, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all. Fingers crossed, eh?

[Source – VideoGamer]