Jurassic Park goes amber gold, escapes next week

Classic water-shake-’em-up blockbuster Jurassic Park will soon be available in video game form, as Telltale’s Jurassic Park: The Game goes gold.

Releasing on the 15th November (which is next week, folks), Telltale are billing this as their biggest game release yet. For a Telltale game, this has been a long time in development, announced alongside the Back to the Future game at E3 2010.

The game was delayed from it’s original April release, allowing the devs to both improve the game and get it ready for a multi-platform launch. Telltale themselves are saying it plays a lot like Heavy Rain, with QTEs similar to the series breaking up the classic Point and Click investigating.

As the resident Jurassic Park fan, I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with the plot already set up in the movie. As a kid, I always wondered what happened to the Barbasol can that Newman from Seinfeld lost. Now it’s the focal point of this side-story, which aims to tie up a few other loose ends while it’s at it.

As previously mentioned, the game is out next week on the 15th November, and will cost you $30, £20, or 3 Insects in Amber. Check out the website here – Jurassic Park: The Game

Stay Tuned.