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Jurassic World Evolution 2 Update 1.16 Brings PS4 To PS5 Save Transfers, Malta Campaign & More

Frontiers Developments has let out an almighty T-Rex roar to accompany the Jurassic World Evolution 2 update 1.16 patch notes, which is a major update bringing support for the new Malta Campaign as well as PS4 to PS5 save transfers.

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  • Before the events of Jurassic World Dominion, help lead a brand-new enterprise in Malta. Work alongside Cabot Finch and key figures from the film, including Kayla Watts (voiced by DeWanda Wise), Soyona Santos (voiced by Dichen Lachman), Barry Sembène (voiced by Omar Sy), and Lewis Dodgson (voiced by Campbell Scott) as you set up parks across three Mediterranean locations.
    • Gameplay
      • Dinosaur Exchange
        • Trade on the Dinosaur Exchange to acquire more species, eggs, and genome data
      • Trust
        • Work with both the Underground and Authorities, building their trust via various tasks and actions to unlock further opportunities
      • New Campaign
        • Progress is persistent across all three locations – switch between them on the fly, or even bring over dinosaurs on the Cargo Ship
      • Natural Lagoon
        • Build across 3 new locations set in the Mediterranean, one of which boasts a natural Lagoon
    • Environments
      • 3 new maps set in the Mediterranean
      • New Malta-themed biome inspired by Dominion location including:
        • Unique set of trees, shrubs and boulders
        • New terrain materials
        • New colour grade – Jurassic World Mediterranean


  • 4 x New Species
    • Atrociraptor
      • 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options
      • Ghost, Tiger, Red and Panthera skins
    • Lystrosaurus
      • 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options
      • 2022 Skin
    • Oviraptor
      • Added ability to eat meat feeders or from paleo plant sources
      • 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options
      • 2022 Skin
    • Moros Intrepidus
      • 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options
      • 2022 Skin
  • 3 x New Variants
      • Dimorphodon
        • 2022 Skin
      • Iguanodon
        • 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options
        • 2022 Skin
      • Allosaurus
        • 2022 Skin
  • 1 x New Skins
    • Carnotaurus
      • 2022 Skin


  • Added Malta themed buildings and decorations to Malta Campaign as part of the Malta Building Set for Sandbox mode. Malta Building Set contains all of the below + DFW buildings to provide a full building set.
    • Buildings
      • Arrival Building – a combined Arrival Point & Control Centre
      • Acquisition Centre – a combined Science Centre & Expedition Centre
      • Staff Centre
      • Response Facility
        • Malta Ranger Team
        • Malta Capture Team
      • Paleo-Medical Facility
        • Malta MVU Team
      • Hatchery
      • Viewing Gallery
      • Aviary Dome
      • Aviary Hatchery
      • Aviary Viewing Gallery
      • Lagoon Section
      • Lagoon Hatchery
      • Lagoon Viewing Gallery
      • Truck Tour
        • Malta Tour Truck
      • Emergency Shelter
      • Hotel
      • Restroom
      • Large Power Station
    • Decorations
      • Atrociraptor Cage
      • Storage Area
      • Comms Tower
      • Storage Shelter
      • Girder Stack
      • Power Trailer
      • Utility Tower
      • Wall Arch
      • Wall End
      • Wall Section
      • Wall Tower
      • Water Tower


  • Added San Albertus Peninsula, San Marie Bay and Santaegidus Island to Sandbox Mode
  • Added Malta Building Set which contains the Malta themed buildings alongside supporting DFW buildings
    • Malta Buildings
      • See list above.
    • Malta Decorations
      • See list above.


  • Added 3 new achievements and trophies on Xbox, PlayStation and Steam




  • Five DFW Campaign levels are now available to play as challenge mode maps when the player earns 3, 5, 7, 9 and 2 stars respectively across all maps in Challenge Mode
    • 1 – Arizona Breakout
    • 2 – Washington State Wreckage
    • 3 – Pennsylvania Headquarters
    • 4 – Oregon Aviary
    • 5 – California Photography
  • Added new Challenge conditions
    • Tranquilliser Upgrades
      • Found within Arizona Breakout, Washington State Wreckage and Pennsylvania Headquarters
      • Default Tranquillisers now only work on dinosaurs with Level 1 and 2 Security Ratings
      • Research additional upgrades
    • Psychological Trauma
      • Found within Washington State Wreckage and Pennsylvania Headquarters
      • Dinosaurs within the ailment of “Psychological Trauma” require scientists with the trait of “Psychologist” to cure them
    • Photo Level
      • Found within California Photography
      • Added new timed Photography mission type to reach 5 stars
    • Staff Hiring Requirements
      • Found within Pennsylvania Headquarters and Oregon Aviary
      • Specific Staff members (Experts) have requirements that need to be met before they let you hire them.
      • Experts will also have more skill points and two specific character traits
      • Experts are available for a fixed period of time and cannot be refreshed


  • Added group attacks for tiny dinosaurs on guests and goats
    • Applies to Moros Intrepidus and Compsognathus
  • Turned off collision between tiny dinosaurs and guests
    • Applies to the Lystrosaurus, Oviraptor, Moros Intrepidus and Compsognathus
  • Turned off collision between tiny dinosaurs and vehicles
    • Applies to the Lystrosaurus, Oviraptor, Moros Intrepidus and Compsognathus
  • Adjusted navigation logic so tiny dinosaurs navigate around water
    • Applies to the Lystrosaurus, Oviraptor, Moros Intrepidus and Compsognathus


  • Added ability for players to import their PS4 saves to the PS5 version of the game


  • Added 2 new achievements and trophies for Xbox, PlayStation and Steam



  • Show the outlines of territories / dinosaurs of that species when transporting a dinosaur
  • Added dinosaur highlight when assigning tranquillise and transport tasks
  • Show an “ailment + tranquillise” icon when controlling the Capture Team or adding a new task
  • Highlight disliked dinosaurs or show an icon when transporting
  • Adjusted how territory is displayed during terrain editing with a pinned dinosaur to only show contentious overlaps to reduce clutter
  • Highlight liked plants during terrain editing
  • Highlight currently placed brush during terrain editing
  • Disable the “Challenge Mode” splash on Challenge: San Diego and Challenge: Return to Isla Nublar
  • Made Lagoon and Aviary preview rings highlight the map boundary
  • Send the fight notification earlier to provide more notice on a fight occurring
  • Added notification when a Tour is disabled by a storm
  • Research Outposts now show a reduced view symbol during conditions that reduce the visibility from the Outposts
  • Inspecting a dinosaur’s territory now highlights the other dinosaurs in the territory when the alpha is selected
  • Added Body Variant selector to the genome editor and Species Viewer for dinosaurs whose variants now have their own selectable skin and pattern colours
    • Affects these species:
      • Giganotosaurus and Dreadnoughtus (Dominion Biosyn Expansion required)
      • Kentrosaurus and Ouranosaurus (Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack required)
      • Iguanodon (Dominion Malta Expansion required)
    • Includes the ability to randomly choose skin colour within a single variant (on all platforms), or across both variants (on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series)
    • Display the variant imagery of these species when showing a dinosaur image such as Gene Library, Research, Dinosaur Exchange and Park Management


  • Made sure tour vehicles honk at dinosaurs blocking their way, and make sleeping dinosaurs react to being honked at
  • Added ability to show a dinosaur’s liked paleo preferences whilst editing environment
  • Dinosaur cohabitation
    • Parasaurolophus and Maiasaura are now friendly to each other
    • Pyroraptor now dislikes Scorpios Rex and Indominus Rex
    • Australovenator now dislikes Scorpios Rex
  • Territory decays more slowly near desirable feeders that are inside the territory
    • Made lagoon feeders more lenient when deciding if they’re inside a territory. This makes it easier for marine reptiles to maintain their comfort levels even if the territory decays a short distance away from the feeder’s position on the lagoon wall.


  • Added Kayla Watts and Soyona Santos to the Jurassic World Database


  • Improvements to lagoon decoration placement
    • Camera is kept below the water surface while rotating it
    • Camera will not leave the lagoon when moving into the lagoon walls
    • Made it easier to put the camera near the water surface by zooming out without leaving the water
    • The position of the object being placed is more consistent while rotating the camera


  • Added ability to set time of day and day length to Sandbox settings


  • Added support for NVIDIA Streamline, NVIDIA DLSS 3 and NVIDIA Reflex



  • Kentrosaurus (Camp Cretaceous Variant)
    • Added 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options
  • Ouranosaurus (Camp Cretaceous Variant)
    • Added 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options



  • Added new rocks as part of the biome set used for Biosyn levels


  • Dreadnoughtus 2022
    • Added 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options
  • Giganotosaurus 2022
    • Added 12 body colour x 7 pattern colour options



  • Prevented helicopters from being buried under the terrain
  • Adjusted the speed in which gates open for Tour vehicles to be quicker
  • Adjusted the position of the aerial drone’s photo camera so that the gun barrel isn’t visible at any rotation


  • Fixed flying reptiles ragdoll states falling through the floor
  • Fixed large sauropods ragdolling unnaturally when being transported
  • Fixed camera going wild when Kronosaurus attacks Lagoon wall, when viewing from certain angles
  • Fixed dinosaurs occasionally ragdolling unnaturally when being lowered onto a Paleo-Medical Facility
  • Fixed dinosaurs occasionally ragdolling unnaturally when being tranquillised a second time
  • Prevented dinosaurs from attempting to eat from empty fish feeders
  • Fixed delivered dinosaurs potentially arriving with feeder-related diseases where the cure cannot be immediately researched
  • Infected feeders now cannot be moved or deleted preventing completion of related research cures
  • Fixed ‘medication available’ showing in Sandbox levels for diseases when cure has not been researched
  • Fixed situation where dinosaurs would remain stationary for long periods when there was lots of food nearby that was all unreachable
  • Fixed a case of flying dinosaurs getting stuck in flight
  • Fixed rare case of dinosaurs leaving enclosures without breaking out


  • Fixed pressing up on the D-pad in the Power menu selecting a non-existent item
  • Hide vehicle status icons during in-world cinematics at the start of scenarios
  • Added Dominion logo to some of the missing film characters
  • Disabled Capture Mode in building view modes to prevent the camera clipping through walls and escaping
  • Fixed several Styxosaurus skins not matching their preview in the Species Viewer
  • Fixed being able to spam keys during load to get into management screens before island intro cutscenes have started playing
  • Fixed being unable to access the level select for the DFW and Biosyn Dominion campaigns if progress had previously been made through the campaign, but no save file for the campaign still existed


  • Fixed “flatten terrain” option not saving when using it in a custom Sandbox setting


  • Fixed background mountains vanishing in Arizona Campaign level


  • Fixed Fish particles around Lagoon decorations going upside down
  • Fixed lagoon lights not rendering through viewing gallery glass


  • Fixed being able to drop out of an ACU helicopter into a hatchery’s enclosure


  • Various stability fixes
  • Various animation fixes
  • Various audio fixes
  • Various text and localisation fixes


  • Ensure the Therizinosaurus is rotated correctly before being lowered into the Paleo-Medical Facility


  • Fixed the Alamosaurus occasionally distorting when being airlifted