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Jurassic World Evolution Developer Frontier Developments Announces Third Game Incoming

Frontier Developments, the team behind the Jurassic World Evolution games has announced that a third entry in the series will be on its way.

It’s not identified as Jurassic World Evolution 3, but that seems likely as to what it’ll be called. Especially as Frontier once again confirmed it to be a management game, or a “CMS (Creative Management Sim)” as Frontier calls it.

“Following the major success of Jurassic World Evolution and Jurassic World Evolution 2,” Frontier began in a press release, “Frontier and Universal Products & Experiences have signed a licence for a third Jurassic World game which is scheduled for release in Frontier’s financial year 2026 (‘FY26’), between 1 June 2025 and 31 May 2026.”

Frontier also announced it has more coming down the pipeline than just this new Jurassic World game, and that it wants to set a pace of releasing a new CMS game once a year for the next three years.

“Over the next three consecutive financial years, Frontier plans to release one new CMS game per year; the development of the unannounced own-IP CMS game for FY25 is on track and Frontier expects to announce the title in the coming months; the third Jurassic World game confirmed today is scheduled for FY26; and a third unannounced CMS game is planned for FY27.”

Source – [Frontier Developments]