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Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition Arriving On PS4 This Month

Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition

At long last! Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition will *finally* arrive on PS4 – and when you ask? When?!? Well, you’ve not long to wait as Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition, which also includes the elusive Kentucky Route Zero Act 5, will release for PS4, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2020.

A supremely offbeat narrative adventure that has already garnered great wallops of critical praise in its previous incomplete state, Kentucky Route Zero has been a warmly received episodic yarn that folks have begged to come to PS4 and now, at last, it’s almost here.

Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition PS4 KRZ
Kentucky Route Zero or ‘KRZ’ as it is fondly referred to by those familiar with its bountiful charm, has at last made the leap to console, bringing the highly anticipated and long awaited Kentucky Route Zero Act 5 with it.

You can catch the full Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition PS4 release date announcement blog post below:

If the game is new to you, let us put that trailer in context. Kentucky Route Zero is a game in five acts, which we’ve been developing and publishing episodically for several years. The TV Edition collects all five acts, as well as the free ‘interlude’ games we made between episodes. Together, they tell a sprawling story of unpayable debts, abandoned futures, and the human drive to find community.

Over the course of one night, a small group of lonely strangers are drawn together by circumstance and take a surreal journey along Route Zero, the secret highway that runs through the twisty maze of caves and rivers beneath Kentucky. The release of the TV Edition on PS4 coincides with Act V, the conclusion of the story. So if the game is new to you, you’ve come at a great time and can play the whole story from start to finish.

Many players, though, have been following this project alongside us for years, and to those players we want to say thank you for your patience and enthusiasm as we found our own disorienting, meandering path through development. The three of us at Cardboard Computer (Jake Elliott, Tamas Kemenczy, and Ben Babbitt) started work on what would become Act I of Kentucky Route Zero around the end of 2010 — almost ten years ago!

Our original vision for the project was a non-violent, exploratory platformer. I think the pitch was something like “Castlevania with dialog trees instead of combat, set in Mammoth Cave.” Needless to say, that hasn’t really been an accurate description of the game since the earliest prototypes. It’s been a great privilege for us to have the time and space to take an experimental and exploratory approach to this game, making it into something very personal that also follows our own development as artists over the last decade or so.

Additionally, you can also glimpse the trailer for Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition below:

Source: Official PlayStation Blog