Killing Floor 2 beta, 4K trailer and PS4 Pro details

Tripwire Interactive is the next in line to announce their PlayStation 4 Pro support details. David Hensley, Product Owner, announced today that Killing Floor 2 will run at a higher 1800p resolution that is then upscaled to 4K 2160p resolution.

Killing Floor 2 PS4 Pro details

"The extra memory on PS4 Pro allows us to activate our ultra textures that have higher resolution over the standard PS4.” David continued, “These high-res textures will be used whether the players is playing on a 4K TV or a standard 1080p display. In addition to the ultra textures, the extra memory allowed us to increase our dynamic shadow resolution. When these dynamic shadows are used they will be crisper and higher resolution of PS4 Pro then the standard PS4.”

Killing Floor 2 is able to do all of that without sacrificing performance and will actually run at an increased frame rate whether you have a 4K TV or a standard 1080p TV.

Sony has also confirmed details on the Killing Floor 2 beta on PS4, which will be open to all players and will include:

  • Two Multiplayer Modes — Survival and Versus Survival
  • Three Maps — Burning Paris, Biotics Lab, Evac Point
  • An Offline training mission
  • Nine perk classes
  • 14 characters

You’ll be able to download the Killing Floor 2 beta directly from the PlayStation Store. Check out our hands-on impressions of Killing Floor 2, which is due for release on November 18, 2016.