Killzone 2 delay "a pure management decision"

Back in early January, Killzone 2 was in the top five of our most anticipated PS3 exclusives of 2008 list. That no longer makes sense. As you surely know, Killzone 2 has been delayed to 2009. What you don’t know is why — until now of course.

Ron Eagle, Sr. Manager of PR at SCEA, revealed that the decision to delay the game until February 2009 was purely a managerial one.

"To be clear, there is nothing wrong or causing a delay to the development of [Killzone 2]," said Eagle. "We had to look at the fall calendar with SOCOM, LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Resistance 2, plus some PSN titles and make a decision where each game should come out. Killzone 2 was moved to Feb 2009 to make sure we didn’t have three shooters in the marketplace competing for retail dollars during the same holiday season.

"Hope this helps – a lot of times we gamers read delay and think something is wrong, in this case, it was a pure management decision."

It’s satisfying to know that Killzone 2 will surely ship next February; far too many games have seen multiple delays as of late. A little extra development time can never hurt either, especially for a title that’s already running beautifully. Keep watching PSU for all things Killzone 2.