Killzone 5 outed by leading Dutch newspaper?

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Is Killzone 5 in development?

With the curtains being drawn on the development of Guerrilla Games new I.P, Horizon Zero Dawn comes the question: what next for the Amsterdam-based developer?

The Killzone franchise seems like a natural fit for one of its next project, alongside a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn (we hope!), though the developer has yet to reveal its hand.

However, the online arm of a leading Dutch mainstream tabloid,, ran an article last month which reports on the closing of Guerrilla Game’s Cambridge Studio, and states quite clearly that the company IS working on a new Killzone game.

Thanks to Google translate, the original article (dated January 14, 2017) states in part:

“Guerrilla, where 270 people work, was acquired in 2005 by Sony. Now it is working on a new Killzone.”

This could simply be an error by the author, but what adds substance to the claim is that the Dutch newspaper is also based in Amsterdam. Being such a leading figure in the world of news in the Netherlands, you’d expect their journalists to have close contacts to help source accurate material for their stories, right?

The plot thickens. We were tipped off on the new Killzone game news by Twitter user @AlphaFoxWarfare and @KillzoneRocks, who initially discovered the article. He first posted the news on a Reddit thread in r/PS4 and titled it “Sony announced a new Killzone and nobody knows about it”, but claims that within an hour the post was removed.


Conspiracy theorists may put two and two together and suggest that the powers that be removed the post to avoid the leak of a new Killzone game overshadowing the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn. Of course, it could also be that admins felt the story lacked enough substance.

The first Killzone game launched on PlayStation 2 in 2004 and was praised for its graphics and hard-hitting first-person shooter action. Two other games in the Killzone series followed on PS3, before its debut on PS4 with Killzone: ShadowFall. It’s been four years since ShadowFall appeared as a launch title for Sony’s new console, but Guerrilla’s Managing Director, Herman Hulst, has recently stated that the sci-fi franchise is very much a core part of its DNA.

If Killzone 5 is in development, we can’t wait to see it in action!