Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 patch 1.26 fixes bugs, adds support for Intercept

The Killzone Shadow Fall patch v1.26 is now available for download, fixing a number of bug issues and enhancing a few features of Guerilla Games’ PS4 exclusive shooter.

Here’s the full update notes:

• Added support for Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept
Patch 1.26 adds support for the Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept co-op expansion DLC, which launches this week! Click here to read all about Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept, and click here to check out the E3 trailer.

• Changed crosshair for LS36, VC15 and VC30
The LS36 Breacher automatic shotgun, VC15 Judaz shotgun pistol and VC30 Sickle shotgun have received a different crosshair design. The reticule now contracts when lingering on a target to indicate the effectiveness of the shotgun blast. Conversely, when the reticule spreads the blast does less damage and requires more hits to make a kill.

• Enhanced hit responses for VC30
The hit response animations for the VC30 Sickle shotgun have been beefed up. The hit responses are visually more impressive now; when you kill someone with the Sickle, the victim flies backward (or sideways) in a much more dramatic fashion.

• Re-enabled Brutal Melee while Cloaked
After extensive analysis (and several player requests) we’ve decided to revert the change that prevented Scouts from performing a Brutal Melee with the Cloak ability active.

• Fixed several bugs
Patch 1.26 fixes several minor bugs related to installation and trophy localization.

Check out PSU’s hands-on impressions of the Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept DLC, which places you and up to three of your friends on the elite VSA team known as Intelligence Squad Alpha.