Killzone Shadow Fall receives two free multiplayer maps via update

Making good with its promise to continue along the free downloadable content path, developer Guerrilla Games has provided fans with an additional two free multiplayer maps for its PS4 shooter, Killzone Shadow Fall.

Killzone Community Editor Victor Zuylen took to Sony’s PlayStation Blog to share the news with the game’s fans and gave the lowdown on what to expect with the two new maps.

‘’Today sees the arrival of The Terminal and Stormgracht, two freely downloadable multiplayer maps for Killzone Shadow Fall. The Terminal is situated inside the Wall on the New Helghan side while Stormgracht is set in the toxic industrial area of the planet,’’ announced Zuylen.

First up is ‘The Terminal’ – and no it’s not the same as Modern Warfare 2’s seminal map – a part defence facility, meshed in with a prison complex with a series of interconnected railway systems which are, of course, still occupied.


Secondly is The Stormgracht, ‘’a maze of broken and discarded junk that the floodwaters have washed down over the years.’’

‘’The Stormgracht will challenge player’s tactical abilities to the extreme, as the gameplay continually shifts with every opening of the floodgates. We hope you remembered your bathing suit,’’ surmised Zuylen.

Are a series of free maps enough for you to boot up Killzone Shadow Fall once again? Don’t forget to give us your thoughts in the comments section below.