Killzone: Shadow Fall update 1.30 unleashed, get all details here

PlayStation 4 FPS Killzone: Shadow Fall has received a new update courtesy of developer Guerrilla Games.

Available to download now, update 1.30 incorporates a number of tweaks and focuses mainly on the game’s multiplayer component.

Check out the full skinny on 1.30 below.

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Patch notes

    Fix 180 degree spawn camera:

        In MP when you spawn you won’t be facing the opposite direction of which the camera was facing.

    Added a message on spawn in co-op:

        A special message will appear when you are incapacitated which will make it more clear that if you choose to spawn you will need to pay or wait for a revive.

    Tier icons now unlock correctly:

        It is now easier to see which guns you are able to unlock.

    Flow of end of round:

        The flow of the end of the round is now much smoother.

    Fixed several bugs:

        Patch 1.30 fixes several minor bugs related to Intercept and multiplayer.

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