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Kinda Funny And Team Pig Detective Create An Entire Video Essay Within Dreams


YouTube channel Kinda Funny Games has gone ahead and concluded their run of the video essay series “The Blessing Show” with an episode highlighting 5 great Dreams creations, and the entire essay was made within dreams, including the host Blessing Adeoye Jr. himself.

Apart from being an incredible achievement from Team Pig Detective, who animated and modelled Blessing within Dreams, the video itself is worth a watch as it highlights some Dreams you should pay attention to and give a try now that Creations are getting better and better. Those games are: Lock, Metal Eagles: Ultimate Challenge, Tectonic, A Little Perspective, and Blade Gunner.

Dreams is continuing to go strong and Sony has vowed to support it and invest in the platform in the future. Media Molecule also recently opened up The Impsider, an online publication highlighting creations made within Dreams.

Dreams is available now on PS4 with PSVR support and is playable on PS5 via backwards compatibility.

Source – [Kinda Funny Games]