Kingdom Hearts 0.2: How to complete objective 48, Treasure Hunt in the Depths of Darkness

You’ll need to beat the game, load your subsequent save file, and return to the Depths of Darkness before this objective will become available to you. Because of that and the zodiac chests, which do not appear until you have finished the game, none of the Treasure Hunt objectives can be completed until the post-game. This guide will cover where you can find all the initial treasure chests, found in the main game.

For the zodiac chest locations, please see our guide for objective 43.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 blocks certain scenes from being recorded or screenshotted during gameplay, including the entirety of the Depths of Darkness. As such, while this may not be as easy as following a video guide or screenshots of chest locations, I’ll walk you through the locations of these chests. The Depths of Darkness is fairly short and incredibly linear, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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There are 5 chests to find throughout the Depths of Darkness (not counting the zodiac chests).


Run forward from the save point until you reach a bend to the left. You should see the large chest containing this area’s map at the bend.


From chest #1, continue around the bend to the left. Immediately the path splits briefly to the left and right, with a ridge continuing in the middle above the other two paths. Follow the ridge, jump down to where it all joins up again, and turn around. There’s a cavern beneath with chest #2, which you should be able to see from when you start jumping down.


From chest #2 turn around and head back to the main path. Follow the next bend to the right, hugging the right side after the bend. There you should find the third chest.


Carry on from chest #3 an incredibly short ways, and on the left you’ll see chest #4.


Again, proceed from chest #4 on down the linear path, until you hit the sand at the end of the Depths of Darkness. Look to the left, and against the wall (near some protruding crystals) you should see the final non-zodiac chest of the game.