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Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Is Targeting 2025, According To Insider

Insider DanielRPK has claimed that Kingdom Hearts 4 will be released in 2025, following a long period of silence on the game since its initial announcement.

Development of Kingdom Hearts 4 reportedly started in 2020, which if true we can assume the game is progressing well by this point. Square Enix is keeping many details close to its chest, but it has been suggested it will act as the base for the Lost Mater story arc that takes place in Quadratum.

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Here’s what Tetsuya Nomura said during a 2022 interview about the setting of the game:

From each of our perspectives, our perceptions change. In [mobile game] Kingdom Hearts Union χ, the Master of Masters said something along those lines.

From Sora’s perspective, Quadratum is an underworld, a fictional world that is different from reality. But from the point of view of the inhabitants on the Quadratum side, the world of Quadratum is reality, and the world where Sora and the others were is the other side, the fictional world.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is currently in development for the PS5 and has yet to attract an official release date.

[Source – DanielRPK on Twitter]