Kingdom Under Fire PS4 looks better than PC version

The producer behind Kingdom Under Fire 2 has revealed that the PlayStation 4 version of the upcoming MMORPG will boast “better graphics” than its PC counterpart.

Speaking with, Sang-Yoon Lee expressed concerns that PC gamers will react angrily upon hearing about the visual improvements on Sony’s latest home console.

Lee conceded it was "a little hard to [discuss the differences] right now because if the PC users know, they will be very angry. PS4 has much better graphics. PS4 graphics quality will be much better and higher than the PC version."

No details regarding the extend of these visual discrepancies were revealed, however.

The PS4 version of Kingdom Under Fire 2 later this year in Europe, Japan and Korea. The PC release hits stores later this month.

What do you make of Lee’s comments regarding the visual performance of the game on PS4? Drop us a comment below.

via GamingBolt