Knack outsells Mario, former Sony U.K. dev comments

As previously reported here on PSU, it seems that love-it-or-hate-it PlayStation 4 platformer Knack has outsold Super Mario 3D World in the latest U.K. Charts. Due of this news, former Sony U.K. dev Kenny Linder has taken to NeoGAF to air his views on Knack’s triumph.

Commenting on a EuroGamer video about Knack outselling Super Mario 3D World, Linder posted: "Yep. Releasing it the same day as PS4 in UK/EU wasn’t wise. The frustrating thing was this game was probably ready to go in October.."

Linder then elaborated on why he felt Super Mario 3D World’s sales were poor: "Releasing Mario on Friday ( the 29th November) was a really stupid thing to do, it could of come out weeks before that. I wonder if the same gamers who buy Nintendo home systems (150k of them in UK) are the same gamers that buy PS4/Xbox? That might explain lack of sales this week. Otherwise, nobody gives a sh*t. Also, I haven’t seen a single Mario 3D World advert on UK TV, whereas the other two (PS4 more so, especially last night, holy sh*t) are on all the time.”

You can make your own mind up by reading PSU’s review of Knack here.

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