Kojima: MGS Rising will create new users

Hideo Kojima has tweeted that upcoming ‘lightning bolt action’ romp Metal Gear Solid: Rising will attract fresh users to the series as it is being created by an entirely new development team.

“The next MGS… ‘RISING’ … will create new users, be developed by the new generation, a new MGS,” said Kojima, who serves as producer on the new title.

On the flip side, the PSP entry Peace Walker is a classic MGS experience, and one that the Kojima Productions boss is more involved with in comparison to Rising:

“But on the other hand, [Peace Walker] is made by Hideo Kojima, a new but classical MGS. PW is a new type of game design and experimental for future endeavors,” he added.

“So it is hard to say it will finish with one game…”

Metal Gear Solid: Rising is in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. A release date has yet to be decided.