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Kojima: Death Stranding Was Profitable, Says ‘Big Project Fell Through’

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has revealed that Death Stranding was profitable for developer Kojima Productions, although has denied speculation that the company snapped up the IP for both Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill.

Curiously, he also revealed that a ‘big project’ at the company was scrapped for one reason or another.

Kojima Shoots Down Metal Gear & Silent Hill Rumor

Speaking during an interview with Livedoor (translated by ResetEra), Kojima-san confirmed that the Norman Reeds-starring adventure game “exceeded the profitable line” and proved a success, “including the collecting of development costs.” He also added that “we have enough profit to be ready for the next title.”

As for the studio’s next project, Kojima understandably couldn’t really reveal much of any details other than “it’s still in the planning stage but I’m working under the surface. Just recently, a big project fell through, and it gets in my hair (laughs). Well, as is often the case in the industry.”

Oh, and regarding those rumours about Kojima had snapped up the copyright to Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill? “Oh, it’s only a false rumour…At least I have never listened at all.”