Konami dates Silent Hill HD, Downpour, Book of Memories

Konami’s Silent Hill HD Collection will be released on March 6, the publisher has confirmed.

The news comes following confirmation earlier this week that the horror bundle had been delayed from its planned January launch.

Meanwhile, firm release dates for Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill: Book of Memories have also been announced, with the games arriving on March 13 and March 27, respectively.

Silent Hill HD Collection will arrive on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and offers high-definition makeovers of Silent Hill 2 and 3 complete with new voice acting and Trophy/Achievement support.

Downpour, also on PS3 and 360, has players assuming control of convict Murphy Pendleton, who finds himself trapped in Silent Hill after his prison transport vehicle crashes on the outskirts of town.

Lastly, Book of Memories will be released exclusively on PlayStation Vita and features multiplayer for the first time in the franchise, with gamers able to team up in co-op play.