Konami reveals new Castlevania pachinko game featuring ‘erotic violence’

Konami released a teaser trailer for a new Castlevania project that fans never asked for: a pachinko game.

For those unfamiliar, pachinko looks like a mix between a pinball and slot machine and is a popular form of gambling in Japan. Pachinko parlors can be found throughout Japan. Since cash gambling is illegal in the country, pachinko serves as a workaround by letting players win balls that can then be exchanged for prizes or cash at a separate establishment.

Aside from games and gyms, Konami produces pachinko and slot machine games. Gambling is big business for the Japanese company. A large Konami Gaming building resides in Las Vegas, close to the gambling action, and can be seen from the runway of the McCarran International Airport.

You can check out the sexy fan-service trailer with "erotic violence" below. It’s only a matter of time until more Konami franchises go gambling. Maybe Metal Gear Solitaire, Silent Hill Slots, Contra Video Poker or Suikoden Pachinko?

via NeoGAF