E3 2010 News

Konami talks Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Konami has spilled the beans on the first storyline/gameplay details for its upcoming ‘Lightning Bolt Action’ romp, Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

Speaking during the company’s E3 press conference this week, the firm revealed that Rising is intended as a prequel to the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, taking place some time after MGS2. As you might have already guessed, it’ll shed light on how protagonist Raiden became the ninja you see in MGS4.

While at its heart the game is a hack and slash affair, game director Minesh Kimura revealed that there will be various “stealth elements” present, albeit in a faster form than previous entries. Raiden will also be able to wield other weaponry besides his trusty sword.

Konami also confirmed that the spine-like matter that Raiden ripped from his foes in the trailer would be instrumental in progressing through the game, from story to actual gameplay.

A release date wasn’t mentioned, though hopefully we’ll hear something in the not too distant future. Metal Gear Solid: Rising is due out on PS3, PC and 360.