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Larian Publishing Director Calls Industry Layoffs An ‘Avoidable Fu*k Up’

Michael Douse, publishing director of Baldur’s Gate 3 developer Larian Studios, has touched base on the alarming number of layoffs in the games industry as of late, describing them as an ‘avoidable fu*k up.’

But to prevent these giant operational failures that we call layoffs…they are an avoidable f*ck up. That’s really all they are. That’s why you see one after the other. Because companies are going: ‘Well, finally. Now we can, too. We’ve wanted to do it for ages. Everyone else is. So why don’t we?’ That’s really kind of sick.’

The executive added that none of the company’s that have laid off staff were in danger of going bankrupt, and suggested that they are at risk of “pissing off the shareholders.” Douse commented that “[Layoffs] a very, very complex and nuanced decision, Douse said. “But the idea that it’s an inevitability that has to happen, It’s just not true.”

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Douse went on to heap praise on how Larian Studios handled its work on Baldur’s Gate 3, maintaining a healthy work environment and the fact the studio is a privately owned company. When quizzed if the development team would ever go public, he said that while it would give Larian more funds, it would be “antithetical to the quality part of what we’re trying to do.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 was released for PC in August 2023 and arrived on PS5 the following month. You can read our full review here.

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