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Larian Studios Is Working On Providing Baldur’s Gate III Mod Support Across All Platforms

Larian Studios has confirmed that it’s been working on official mod support for Baldur’s Gate III across all platforms “for a while,” and that it is coming at some point down the pipeline.

There’s no clue given as to a release window of when this will be ready beyond sometime this year, but fans can rejoice in knowing that it will indeed be available, hopefully someday soon.

The studio’s director of publishing Michael Douse confirmed the news on Twitter in a quote tweet for the game’s latest patch notes.

“We generally don’t talk about things til they’re ready,” said Douse, “but as you may have read, we’re making an exception. We’ve been working on a robust, cross-platform plan for mod support to be released later in year.

We love our modding community and we want to support them. It’s coming.”

Exciting news for all players, though particularly for those on consoles, since console players are often left out of mod support, with that mostly being a feature only seen with the PC versions of games.

“We have a system but it needs to be tested and still requires work,” Douse continued in a follow-up tweet. “We’re excited about it. I understand that it suck’s when the game is updated and mods break. Our community teams will start talking with and looping in modding community.

For now, work continues.”

In the game’s official Discord channel, the studio’s senior community strategist, WombatMedic in the channel, went into more detail about the coming support, adding that it’s been in the works for some time.

“We are working on official mod support, and have been for a while. We want the very best for you, which includes establishing a pipeline that lets mod authors release their mods across different platforms.

Together with the platform holders, we are working on making this a reality, and are forming a team to support mod curation. We’re aiming to offer modding support for things like classes, UI, customisation, spells, and certain assets and game mechanics.

As this is no small task, we hope to introduce the initial stages of modding support in our next big patch, which is still several months away.

Frustrated as you might be now, we’re keen to work with you on this – and have plans to reach out to popular mod authors to talk further and work together to avoid issues in the future.”

If WombatMedic’s assessment of the update being “several months away,” it could be the case that official mod support ends up as a nice holiday gift to Baldur’s Gate III players.

Source – [IGN]