Last Ninja HD remakes could be coming, but you’ll need to make it happen

System 3 Software has announced on its Facebook page that Last Ninja 1, 2, and 3 remakes could be coming soon. Next year System 3 Software celebrates its 30th anniversary and waves to remake the games to celebrate.

Last Ninja HD remakes will add new puzzles

According to a Facebook post, “The games will have additional locations and puzzles to solve plus an updated fighting system. The game will keep its isometric view but allow the levels to be created in 3D to allow the player to zoom into action.”

last ninja remake logo

 Many of the original team members of the game will be working on the project including Matt Grey and John Twiddy. Matt will work with the German team Sound of Games for the music while the art will be supervised and directed by Dan Malone, Robin Levy, and Joe Walker.

Unfortunately there is some bad news in that the remakes seem to be based on a successful KickStarter campaign. The Last Ninja campaign will start on February 3.