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Latest Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Update Features Tribute To Lance Reddick

Guerrilla Games has included a touching tribute to the late actor Lance Reddick in the latest Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores update.

The memorial features Reddick’s name proudly displayed for all to see. If you’re having trouble locating it, then here’s some tips from Reddit member Imperial007.

It’s on the large island south/below the second/eastern lava outflow. Fly or swim across due south from the campfire on the beach. It’s just on the ridge above the beach. Easiest to spot at night if you have any trouble because of the holographic light. A lovely tribute for Lance.

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Reddick passed away in March aged 60, and was a massive gamer and lover of Destiny, having spent some 2,800 hours on the original game and its sequel. He also voiced Commander Zavala in the shared-world shooter franchise, and also provided the voice and likeness for Sylens in the Horizon games. Reddick was playing Destiny 2 the day before he passed away, and fans gathered to pay tribute to the actor in-game.

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