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Latest PS5 System Update Has Stealthily Added Instant Game Response For ALLM

Sony’s recently-launched PS5 system update has stealth-added a key feature that many have just picked up on, namely Instant Game Response for LG CX TVs and other select models, according to reports on Reddit.

For those out of the loop, Instant Game Response automatically switches your picture setting to ‘game mode’ in an effort to lower input lag whenever your are gaming. This is known as Auto Low Latency Mode, or ALLM for short.

For example, if you are using your PS5 to watch a Blu-ray movie or streaming service, it will switch to cinema mode and then back to game mode without you having to prompt the system, thus giving you the best picture possible.

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The latest PS5 system update also includes a number of other additions such as updated Trophy Cards, Game Base, as well as a new patch to download for the DualSense controller. PS4 update 9.50 is also available to grab too while you’re at it.

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