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Latest Yakuza: Like A Dragon Trailer Showcases The Next Generation Of The Franchise In Typical Yakuza Fashion


The latest Yakuza: Like A Dragon trailer focuses on how the next-generation begins with the game and highlights key next-generation features in a way only Yakuza can.

Some of the key features highlighted include cutting-edge hairstyles, optimised protagonist optimism, next-gen crustacean A.I., highly shareable shenanigans and lightning-fast party support. As you can tell, this trailer is a spoof one and isn’t to be taken seriously, but it is still a fun ride.

SEGA confirmed the PS5 release date of the game just recently, with it coming later than the Xbox Series S/X release. You can also take a look at another recent trailer which highlighted the dozens of minigames available in the JRPG. If you are playing this November on PS4 and want to play on PS5 in March, be warned as your save data will not transfer to the next generation.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon releases for PS4 on November 10, 2020. The game will also release for PS5 on March 2, 2021.