Lego Horizon Adventures PS5 Summer Game Fest 2024

Lego Horizon Adventures Announced For PS4, PS5, Switch And PC, Will Release Holiday 2024

lego horizon adventures ps5

After being rumoured pretty heavily over the past few weeks, Lego Horizon Adventures was revealed for PS5 and PC at Summer Game Fest showcasing a playful, top-down take on Sony’s popular first-party franchise, as Aloy and other characters from her world leap, slide down ziplines, destroy machines, build Lego structures and collect shinnies (this *is* a Lego game of course).

With co-op included and some hugely vibrant visuals, Lego Horizon Adventures looks like a decent entry into both the Lego and Horizon franchises, though the announcement of a Nintendo Switch version was quite surprising – marking the first time that a Sony first party franchise has found its way onto a Nintendo platform.

Neat stuff. Anyway, you can check out the debut the trailer for Lego Horizon Adventures below!

Lego Horizon Adventures will release on PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch in Holiday 2024.