Leipzig over yet no PS3 news surfaced

The German gaming convention, Leipzig (pronounced Lipe-Zig) is almost over. Despite rumors that gamers might see some more information regarding the PS3. Sony's European press conference at the show only proved to be an information ground for PS2 and PSP. Even more so for PSP, since it is only weeks away from launch (Sept 1st to be exact) in the European region.

We've already seen PSP launches in Japan and the US so we knew what was coming. But from what was shown to the European media and gaming audience at the convention. It was apparent that the crowd and industry people present were very impressed by Sony's sleek new portable device. The entire presentation lasted for about an hour showing lots of graphs and charts regarding how great the Sony consoles had been doing in the past and in the current-gen.

Nothing much we didn't know already. At the end of the presentation, it seemed that Sony might as well release a new trailer or a brief info regarding PS3. It was when this slide came up with a picture of the PS3 console. Everyone thought, “This is it!” but it just happened to be a confirmation with the words, “See You Next Year”.

Thanks Sony, for confirming you're on track with the release of PS3 in 2006. With that the presentation came to an end and reality hit everyone that it was time to leave. Hopefully, with the upcoming Tokyo Games Show, we might be seeing a lot more of the equation and quite possibly some playable stuff too.

Make sure to check back. We'll post more information about PS3 as soon as it becomes available.