Leipzig Games Convention 2008 News

Leipzig: SingStore tops 2.2 million downloads

At a conference chock-full of heavyweight announcements yesterday, Sony also reminded us of the power that SingStar still commands over European consumers, highlighting the recently-reach milestone of 2.2 million downloads on SingStore – which apparently equates to one song purchased every 10 seconds. Those are some impressive figures whether you’re a fan of the series or not.

The SingStore launched alongside the PS3 version of SingStar last year, offering up a diverse selection of music for inebriated PS3 owners to shout and warble through – along with a few Britney Spears videos for those of you with a desire to contract visual herpes.

The company announced a bevy of SingStar-related updates at their annual Leipzig press conference yesterday, including a Disney tie-in and the ability to rip songs from the PS2 versions of the game directly to your PS3 hard drive.

It’s a good time to be a professional warbler, or so it seems.