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Limited Run Games E3 2019 PS4 and PS Vita Game List

Limited Run games e3 2019

Fresh off the showroom floor comes the next big batch of games coming out of Limited Run Games. Founders Douglas Bogart and Josh Fairhurst. Provided below is the complete Limited Run E3 2019 game list for both PS4 and PS Vita, separated by platforms and ordered by release.

Limited Run E3 2019 game list – 27 total games

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid – PS4 ( Switch) Standard, Collector’s Editions available now!

Freedom Planet – June 21 – PS4 (Switch)

Mercenary Kings PS4
Mercenary Kings makes its way to PS4 via Limited Run.

Mercenary Kings: Reloaded Edition – June 28 – PS4

Transistor PS4
There’s even a collector’s edition for Transistor coming!

Transistor – July 5 PS4 (Switch)

Rogue Legacy PS4
Cult classic Rogue Legacy also makes its way onto a physical format.

Rogue Legacy July 19 – PS4 (Switch)

Red Faction PS4
Red Faction is a blast from the past, coming to PS4 physically!

Red Faction – July 12 – PS4

Hover PS4

Hover – July 26 PS4 (Switch)

Corpse Killer PS4
Sega 32X title Corpse Killer, remade for PS4, also lined up for physical release.

Corpse Killer 25th Anniversary Edition – July 30 – PS4

Dark Devotion – Q4 2019 – PS4 (Switch)

Blazing Chrome – Q4 2019 PS4 (Switch)

Shenmue III Collector's Edition
Limited Run Games is the only place to pick up the Shenmue III Collector’s Edition. 4000 copies will be made for PS4 with 1000 copies coming for PC.

Shenmue III CE

Star Wars Bounty Hunter
Old Gamecube title, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, set to land on physical media.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter – PS4

Star Wars: Racer Revenge – 2019

Limited Run PS Vita E3 2019
Here are the final PS Vita physical games coming via Limited Run Games.

Final Limited Run Vita Games

Guacamelee – June 14

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!!! – June 14

Super Mutant Alien Assault – July 5

Pix The Cat – June 21

Metal Slug 3 – July 12

Atari Flashback Classics – July 2019

Deadbolt Q3 – 2019

Revenant Dogma – 2019

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chickens – 2019

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution – 2019

Super Meat Boy – (PS4) 2019

Damascus Gear Operation Osaka – 2019

Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo – 2019

Papers Please PS Vita
The final PS Vita game, Papers, Please, is scheduled to release in 2020.

Papers, Please – 2020

What did you think of what came out of Limited Run Games at E3 2019? Are there any titles you plan on picking up once they become available?